Why Does Penis Become Crooked When Erect?

Find Out Why Penis Looks Especially Crooked During Erection!

If you are asking yourself why does penis become so crooked when erect, then this article will inform you about the answers you are looking for!

Before I go into details, you should know that this article is not about the reasons or causes for having a crooked penis erection.

In case you are not yet familiar with why you have a crooked penis (is it because your genetic material or perhaps Peyronie’s disease) in the first place, then I suggest reading the article about causes or reasons first (use the link above).

Instead of possible primary causes or reasons for such condition, we are going to look at the »mechanical cause« of why penis looks especially crooked during erection. In general, I aim to answer the following question:

What happens in the penis that makes it curved, crooked, indented or otherwise deformed?

Read How Crooked Penis Erection Gets Produced:

When getting familiar with how crooked penis erection gets produced, you should know that it doesnt really matter whether your penis became crooked because of congenital penis curvature (crooked penis caused by natural factors – genetics) or crooked penile erection caused by Peyronie’s disease or any other possible situation that made your penis to deform itself.

This is due to the fact that the mechanism which makes your penis look crooked or curved is the same in all instances and it has lots to do with your penile tissue.

The question now is: What happened in the penile tissue that made your penis erection to become crooked?

The answer is more simple than you think! The tissue in your penis is either:

  • shorter on the side your penis bends to,
  • or less elasic (stretchable) then on the side your penis bends to,
  • or both: shorter and less elastic.

Anytime your penis is shorter or less stretchable on certain part of your penis than it is on the opposite site, your penis will become crooked downards, upwards, left, right or any combination of that.

The situation is especially noticeable when you have an erection. This is because during erection, your penis gets filled with blood, which makes your penis bigger as well as more crooked.

To give you an example:

Lets say you are holding an empty baloon. Now put a duck tape on one side of it and the baloon will become »crooked« by leaning on the side you just put duck tape on.

Now imagine what happens when you blow the baloon. Not only that ducktaped baloon gets bigger in size (just like your penis gets bigger when you have an erection) when you do that, but it also gets more crooked when you blow it up with air!

As said, the same thing happens with your penis when certain parts of your penile tissue are either shorter or less elastic than the other ones.

Why Does Penis Become Crooked When You Have Peyronie’s Disease?

At this point, you are probably familiar with the fact that one cause of crooked penis erection is Peyronie’s disease (if not, I suggest reading my article about it).

The thing with Peyronie’s disease is that it produces plaque or scarring on the tissue of the penis. This plaque or scarring on the penis hardens your penile tissue and thus makes it less stretchable or elastic.

As a result, your penis develops deformation that can be very severe (even up to 90 degrees and more!), depends on how much plaque or scarring you have.

Why Does Penis Become Crooked When You Have Congenital Curvature?

Another cause of crookedness in the penis (erection) is nature itself. Such natural penis deformation is also reffered to as congenital penile curvature.

The reason why penis become crooked looking in this case is not because the tissue is less elastic or stretchable, but because one side of your penile tissue is shorten than the opposite one.

Just the same as with less stretchable tissue, shorter tissue also results in potentially very severe penis curvature that is especially pronounced when penis is erect.

How To Straighten Crooked Penis Erection?

There are many ways to straighten crooked penis erection.

Penis straightening surgeries do it by cutting down the tissue on longer side of the penis (or by removing the previously brought up hard plaque or scarring on the penis and replacing it with some kind of tissue implants).

The recommended non-surgical treatment for fixing crooked penis does it by stretching the shorter or hardened side of the penis.